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Monday, April 17

Pre-Congress courses | 9:00am-5:00pm

Presented in cooperation with the Chartered Institute of Housing Canada

Session Description
Course 1: Compassion Fatigue, Burnout and Retention in Affordable Housing Compassion fatigue and burnout are a real danger to the sustainability of the housing sector. The stresses of supporting people to access and maintain housing (whether in frontline work with tenants/applicants or not) can impact the health and ability to work of housing professionals, as well as their commitment to the sector. Register for this full-day course, specifically geared to housing providers, and:

  • gain an understanding of compassion fatigue and burnout as it relates to housing and in your own work,
  • learn how to understand and identify protective factors, and
  • learn about individual and organisational practices to address compassion fatigue and burnout.

Instructor: Katie MacDonald. Katie has experience working in the affordable housing sector in policy and research. She has delivered training to community organisations, post-secondary classes, and international audience. Katie holds a Masters of Education from York University and a Doctorate in Sociology from the University of Alberta. Her Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at Concordia University focused on caring and care labour, examining the experiences and understandings of people working in affordable housing at the frontlines.

Course 2: The Curious Case of Housing Policy in Canada Housing policy in Canada is a multi-level government social responsibility that has left politicians, society and those impacted by homelessness unsure of who is responsible for providing affordable and adequate housing. This course will consider the political arena of housing policy, focusing on the role of levels of governments in housing. This course will use a variety of teaching styles and activities to explore key concepts such as federalism, the right to housing, government accountability, and affordable housing to give participants a better understanding of how current legislation impacts the most vulnerable groups in Canada. Register for this course and learn about:

  • the policy landscape of housing in Canada,
  • key government and non-government actors that influence policy outputs and how their decisions impact homeless individuals across the country,
  • the key policies surrounding housing in Canada,
  • barriers to policy implementation in Canada, and
  • the concept of the ‘right to housing’.

Instructor: Justin Rain. Justin Rain holds a Master of Arts in Criminology and Social Justice and is a PhD candidate in Public Policy at Toronto Metropolitical University (anticipated completion in 2023). His working dissertation is entitled, "Bringing Accountability Back into the Realm of Canadian Politics: A Multi-level Governance Analysis of Canadian Housing Policy," and is a study developed to analyze the policy landscape of housing in Canada.

Course 3: Using Media to Increase Your Clout in the Housing Sector Housing continues to be a leading topic in both mainstream and social media, from the cost of housing to homelessness. This course will cover timeless communications principles and explain key messages and why they’re so important, using real-life examples including CHRA’s key advocacy messages. Get insight into how social media plays a major role in outreach to stakeholders and mainstream media and how to maximize opportunities and exposure. Some participants will practice being interviewed and recorded, watch the video, and receive gentle and firm feedback to build confidence and learn the tricks of the trade. Register for this course to learn:

  • the differences between various types of media interviews and how to maximize each,
  • how to prepare key messages and stay on message in the face of uncertainty,
  • what the media is looking for in a story, and
  • how to leverage social media to showcase your work.

Instructor: Eric Collard. Eric Collard is a communications and public relations professional with more than 20 years of experience working in the public and private sectors, and alongside associations and not-for-profit organizations. He’s done substantial work in the housing sector with the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association (CHRA), Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa, Ottawa Community Housing Corporation, Shepherds of Good Hope, and the Centre francophone du Grand Toronto (CFGT).

National Indigenous Collaborative Housing Inc. (NICHI) engagement session | 9:30am-4:30pm

National Indigenous Collaborative Housing Inc. (NICHI) is hosting an engagement session for Indigenous housing and service providers on Monday April 17, 2023. Please join NICHI to learn and share your thoughts on a national URN Indigenous housing strategy.

Learn more.

Register here:

Social event | 6:00-8:00pm

Indigenous Caucus Social & Networking

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Tuesday, April 18

Indigenous Innovation Forum

Sponsored by the Aboriginal Housing Management Association 

Manitoba Métis Federation 

The Community Housing Transformation Centre 


Session Description

Indigenous Innovation Forum 2023: A new look at Indigenous housing

This event, new in 2023, combines the “Innovation Forum” and “Indigenous Caucus Day” of previous years to provide a day of learning and discussion about Indigenous Innovations in Housing. This event will offer a variety of sessions, valuable insights, and learning opportunities for Indigenous and non-Indigenous participants alike.

Elder Opening

Land acknowledgement, welcome and greetings.

Keynote Speaker Opener: Nikki Komaksiutiksak

Nikki Komaksiutiksak is the Executive Director for Tunngasugit, an organization that offers front-line services to assist Inuit transitioning to life in the city. Nikki was recently awarded Pauktuutit Inuit Women’s Association Woman of the Year for her dedication to serving urban Inuit. Nikki will speak about the importance of wrap around services that are culturally relevant and will speak about Inuit migration to urban centres.
10:15am-11:15 am

Session: Decolonizing Research

Panelists will address decolonization in homelessness data collection and housing research. They will provide examples and learnings from their experience and discuss promising practices that resonate with Indigenous communities.

Moderator & Panelist: Marie MacGregor Pitawanakwat, Co-Chair, National Indigenous Housing Network
Featured Panelist: Taylor Sparklingeyes, Project Manager, Rural Development Network
Panelist: Robert Byers, President & CEO, Namarind Housing Corporation

11:15am – 12:00pm

Session: A National Urban, Rural and Northern Indigenous Housing Strategy

Dr. Daniel J. Brant will present new research towards a national urban, rural and northern Indigenous housing strategy, building on work from the Aboriginal Housing Management Association, National Housing Council and others. Dan’s presentation will be followed by time for questions and answers.

Session: Four Corners of Housing

Four Corners of Housing: hear quick overviews from four different groups on Indigenous housing, the right to housing and clean energy, then enjoy the chance for informal discussion, questions and answers from each group in this interactive group session.

Christin Swim, Skigin Elnoog
Katlia Lafferty, National Indigenous Housing Network
Rod Hill, BC Housing
Ian Scholten & Corey Cote, Indigenous Clean Energy


Indigenous Caucus Recap 2022-2023, and closing performance

Justin Marchand, CEO of Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services and chair of the Indigenous Caucus of CHRA, along with Margaret Pfoh, CEO of Aboriginal Housing Management Association and incoming President of CHRA, will recap the day and the successes of 2022-2023 in moving towards a national urban, rural and northern Indigenous housing strategy. The wrap-up will be followed by a special performance.

Indigenous Caucus Members Meeting

This is an interactive and participatory opportunity for the Indigenous Caucus or potential Indigenous Caucus members to convene. Join us in discussing the vision, priorities and future direction of the Indigenous Caucus and a national urban, rural and northern Indigenous housing strategy
4:45pm Elder closing

Social event | 5:00-7:00pm

Meet and Greet

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Social event | 6:00-8:00pm

Meet and Greet After-party

Hosted by the Community Housing Transformation Centre.

More details to come.

Wednesday, April 19


Please note that you must purchase a ticket to attend the mobile tours. See the Registration page for pricing details.

Session Description

Opening Ceremonies

Join us as we kick off Congress at the Opening Ceremonies.

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Hope for the Future of Housing: The community housing sector as a driver of change

Housing access and affordability is one of our biggest challenges in Canada; from big cities to rural areas, the gap between income and housing costs is widening. As we sound the alarm on this pressing issue, we ask ourselves: how will we realize the right to adequate housing in Canada? The community housing sector is uniquely positioned to drive change and resiliency for a desirable future in which everyone has a home they can afford and that meets their needs.

Join our panel of experts to learn about implementing emerging models like “Dwell,” tools and methods to infuse futures thinking into housing system innovation work, and social change initiatives led by the community housing sector that bring hope for the future of housing and community.

Michael Braithwaite, CEO, Blue Door Support Services
Adrienne Pacini, Partner, SHS Consulting
Claudia Pedrero, Lawyer, Robins Appleby


A Tapestry of Experience: Unpacking the diversity and impact of housing stories

Sharing and learning about lived experiences is how we provoke empathy, build understanding, and bring about policy change. This session brings together diverse first-person accounts of housing precarity, homelessness, and fleeing domestic violence. Learn about how considering lived experiences can help create better public policy and housing programs.

Victoria Barclay, Action Researcher, Women Transforming Cities
Leigh Bursey, Director at Large, Canadian Housing and Renewal Association
Catherine Katlia Lafferty, Director, National Indigenous Collaborative Housing Incorporated,
Co-Chair, National Housing and Homelessness Network, & Co-Chair, National Indigenous Housing Network
Elder Marie McGregor Pitawanakwat
Moderator: Janice Abbott, CEO, Atira Group of Women Serving Agencies


Making Housing Happen: Exploring tools to support the development process

Turning ideas into homes requires navigating a complex series of processes, which can be difficult for even the most seasoned housing professionals. Taking advantage of tools that support the development process can help our sector build capacity to make housing happen.

Join a panel of housing professionals to learn about their experiences with the affordable housing development process and explore tools and insights offered by their organizations and how they can help your organization give more people a place to call home.

Asad Bhatti, Director of Housing, Rural Development Network
Graeme Hussey, Director of Housing Development, CAHDCO
Mark Richardson, Senior Technical Lead, HousingNowTO
Moderator: Kevin Albers, Chief Executive Officer/Development Consultant/Project Manager, M'akola Development Services


Moving Forward: Exploring National Housing Strategy 2.0

Since the creation of the National Housing Strategy in 2017, interest rates have risen significantly, construction and labour costs have increased, and federal dollars to support the creation and renewal of affordable housing have gone down. These factors combine to make our mission to create affordable housing seem insurmountable. How do we realize our goal of ensuring that everyone has a home they can afford and that meets their needs? Join housing leaders from across Canada to explore what a refreshed iteration of the National Housing Strategy looks like.

Jacques Beaudoin, Director of Public and Legal Affairs , Réseau québécois des OSBL d’habitation
Marie-Josée Houle, Federal Housing Advocate
Margaret Pfoh, Chief Executive Officer, Aboriginal Housing Management Association
Steve Pomeroy, Industry Professor of Canadian Housing Policy at McMaster University and Principal Consultant at Focus Consulting
Tim Richter, Founder, President & CEO of the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness (CAEH)
Moderator: Ray Sullivan, Executive Director, CHRA


Getting Housing on the Manitoba Provincial Election Agenda

With a provincial election coming up in the Fall, MNPHA is preparing a report on housing need across the province using data shared from the Housing Assessment Research Tools (HART) initiative and developing a policy platform for Manitoba. Hear about and provide input to this platform and engage in discussion about how you and your organization can get involved in getting housing on Manitoba’s provincial election agenda.

Christina Maes Nino, Executive Director, MNPHA
Dr. Carolyn Whitzman, Expert Advisor/Outreach Coordinator, Housing Assessment Resource Tools (HART) Project, Adjunct Professor, University of Ottawa

Presented by MNPHA


Housing need, discrimination and security of tenure: Insights from lived experience research projects

Research has an important role to play in realizing the right to adequate housing in Canada. Sharing what we know about people’s lived experiences and housing needs provides a strong foundation for policy change. Join our panel of researchers to learn about the latest CMHC research projects on the lived experiences of people who rent, and the housing situations of racialized populations living in core housing need. Learn how the findings from these projects can help inform policy decisions across all orders of government, including those related to tenant supports and services, and affordable housing provision.

Rachel Shan, Senior Analyst, Research, CMHC
Scott McCullough, Senior Research Associate, Institute of Urban Studies (IUS), University of Winnipeg
David Wachsmuth, Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Urban Governance, School of Urban Planning, McGill University
Moderator: Nadine Leblanc, Senior Vice President- Policy (TBD) / Julia Markovich, Acting Advisor, Research, CMHC


Lunch Drop-in with CMHC Client Relations Outreach & Client Solutions Specialists

Stop by and chat with key CMHC subject matter specialists across various CMHC housing programs. This is an informal opportunity to learn more about housing programs and pose questions related to housing projects. Come ready to engage with CMHC specialists and  receive insight or navigation support. You can also stop by and schedule a follow-up virtual meeting.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their lunch!

Staff from across the following CMHC teams will be present:

  • Indigenous Housing Solutions
  • Multi-Unit Housing Solutions
  • Outreach & Project Development

Hosted by: CMHC Client Relations, Outreach & Project Development 


Getting Creative with Financing Options: Innovative case studies

Our sector is grappling with the challenge of rising interest rates and dwindling federal dollars while creating and renewing affordable housing in communities across Canada. To ensure everyone has a place to call home, we must find creative solutions to our projects’ financing needs. Join speakers from the Community Housing Transformation Centre, Nunavut Housing Corporation, and Tapestry Community Capital as they discuss innovative financial models and case studies that can be replicated in other provinces or local communities to create affordable housing.

Ryan Collins-Swartz, Co-Executive Director, Tapestry Community Capital
Stéphan Corriveau, Executive Director, Community Housing Transformation Centre
Eiryn Devereaux, President and CEO, Nunavut Housing Corporation
Moderator: Eric Visser, Director, Commercial Real Estate, Vancity Community Investment Bank


Creating Homes that Work for Everyone: Learnings from inclusive housing design projects

Site selection and building design play an important role in the success of supportive housing for people experiencing homelessness. Inclusive design contributes to positive resident outcomes, improved operations of supportive housing, and in achieving community acceptance. Join our panel of experts as they explore their experiences serving populations with diverse needs and share tools and strategies to inform inclusive design for supportive housing.

Suzanne Le, Executive Director, Multifaith Housing Initiative & Veteran's House Canada
Rebecca Siggner, Manager, Research, BC Housing
A representative from Nanaimo Friendship Centre
Moderator: Janice Abbott, CEO, Atira Group of Women Serving Agencies


Turning Ideas into Implementation: Advocating for better housing policies and programs

This panel discussion follows up on the morning session, Moving Forward: Exploring National Housing Strategy 2.0, which makes a case for why we need a refreshed National Housing Strategy. This session will explore how we implement those ideas. Join our panelists as they unpack the current and emerging political environment, explore the sector’s strengths and weaknesses, and identify opportunities and threats to our advocacy efforts in pursuit of more effective federal housing policies and programs.


Jaimee Gaunce, Director of Policy, Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services
Jacob Gorenkoff, Director, Policy & Government Relations, Canadian Housing and Renewal Association
Courtney Lockhart, Associate Director, Public Affairs & Policy, Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada
Alex Nelson, Co-Chair, Canadian Lived Experience Learning Network
Tim Richter, Founder, President & CEO of the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness (CAEH)
Moderator: Dr. Carolyn Whitzman, Expert Advisor/Outreach Coordinator, Housing Assessment Resource Tools (HART) Project, Adjunct Professor, University of Ottawa


Reimagining Winnipeg’s Hudson Bay Building

The Southern Chiefs Organization is transforming the iconic Hudson Bay building into a mixed-use building which includes affordable housing. This project will transform Winnipeg’s downtown and serve as an example for economic and social Reconciliation. Join project leaders to learn about the vision for the building and its potential impact for those it will serve and for the wider community.

Jennifer Moore Rattray, Chief Operating Officer , The Southern Chiefs Organization
Joy Cramer, Chief Executive Officer, The Southern Chiefs Organization

Presented by MNPHA


Attracting capital to non-profit housing: Lessons learned from CMHC’s Capital Connect pilot project

Access to capital is a major barrier to building affordable housing at scale and sustainably addressing this requires creating a visible and diversified market for capital that is less reliant on government funding. CMHC is exploring new ways to drive more capital into affordable housing and has developed Capital Connect as a one-stop digital platform where housing developers can connect with impact investors. We have completed our first round of testing and are ready to validate our findings with a broader range of stakeholders to ensure that Capital Connect’s continued development meets the needs of the housing sector and brings new partners, like landowners and construction companies, to the table.

This session will be your opportunity to connect with CMHC to validate our initial findings, generate new insights, and generate ideas about how to enhance this tool to best meet the needs of non-profit housing providers trying to access capital.

Tamara Daniel, Senior Specialist, Innovation
Jessica Beketa, Senior Specialist, Innovation


NICHI: Building a new national organization

More details to come.

Margaret Pfoh, Chief Executive Officer, Aboriginal Housing Management Association
Justin Marchand, Chief Executive Officer at Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services
Robert Byers, President and Chief Executive Officer, Namerind Housing Corporation
David Seymour, Vice President, M'akola Housing Society
Moderator: Jeff Loucks, Interim CEO, NICHI


Tackling housing affordability and climate change: insights and lessons learned from housing providers from planning to construction

In this panel session, you will hear from housing providers that are tackling the dual challenge of housing affordability and climate change through innovative projects at all stages of development. Learn directly from housing providers who are at the planning, study, and construction stage of development to hear how they got started, the key steps to make their project a reality, and lessons learned in energy efficient affordable housing projects. Organizations of all sizes will leave the session with concrete tips and tricks including how FCM's Sustainable Affordable Housing (SAH) initiative can support with funding and capacity development resources and activities.

Nancy Simmonds, CA, CPA, CIHCM, Chief Executive Officer, Heartland Housing Foundation
A representative from Bethel Mennonite Care Services Inc
A representative from Equal Housing Initiative Inc.

Mobile Tour 1: The Bell Hotel & Home First Supportive housing provides a combination of housing and on-site services intended to help people find and maintain stable housing. In Winnipeg, two projects with a Housing First approach provide permanent affordable housing for those experiencing homelessness.

This mobile tour will visit The Bell Hotel Supportive Housing Project, Winnipeg’s first congregate site project employing a Housing First approach, and the recently opened Home First Winnipeg project, a 47-unit housing project in Winnipeg’s inner-city intended to house people experiencing homelessness.

Mobile Tour 2: University of Winnipeg The University of Winnipeg Community Renewal Corporation (UWCRC) is a not-for-profit charitable development corporation originally founded in 2005. UWCRC is guided by a four-pillared concept of sustainability (environmental, social, economic, and cultural) and is mandated to develop partnerships with community, private, and public sector organizations.

This tour will give an overview of UWCRC 2.0 Inc.’s direct contribution to the positive revitalization of Winnipeg’s downtown and the advancement of the University of Winnipeg’s campus and community as an innovative, dynamic and sustainable place to live, work, and play.

Mobile Tour 3: Ten Ten Sinclair Housing Ten Ten Sinclair Housing provides affordable and accessible housing for people with physical disabilities, including transitional housing for those who wish to develop the skills necessary to live independently in the community. The transitional Learning Through Living program, established in 1975 through the leadership of consumers, creates and maintains an integrated community.

Tour attendees will visit Ten Ten Sinclair Housing and hear about their pioneering programs in universal design, community inclusion, and consumer rights for people with disabilities.

Social event | 6:00-8:30pm

President’s Reception and CHRA Awards Presentation

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Thursday, April 20


Session Description

Keynote Address

The Hon. Jody Wilson-Raybould
Former Member of Parliament, Former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, Bestselling Author.Visit the Special Events page to learn more

Protecting Tenants and Affordability: Exploring the efficacy of property acquisition

Increasingly, rental housing buildings across Canada are being purchased by speculators and large corporations, often leading to their redevelopment to maximize profits from increased rental rates or the removal of affordable housing stock, resulting in tenant evictions. At the federal level, this means that for every affordable housing unit created through the National Housing Strategy, four are lost. The community housing sector needs support to acquire residential buildings to permanently ensure their affordability. Join our speakers as they explore their experience in and tools for acquisition, and hear them make the case for a national property acquisition program.

Jill Atkey, CEO, BCNPHA
Andy Broderick, Managing Partner, New Commons Development & Co-founder, New Market Funds
Joseph Daniels, Acquisition Strategy Coordinator, Housing Assessment Resource Tools
Francois Giguere, Executive Director, SOLIDES
Moderator: Dil Puar, Director, Government Relations, Canadian Real Estate Association


Building Our Desired Future: Unveiling CHRA’s new strategic plan

Building our desired future requires a road map for getting there. In Fall 2022, CHRA began working with SHS Consulting to develop our new, multi-year strategic plan. Join our speakers as they unveil the draft of CHRA’s new strategic plan and have your say in the future of Canada’s national affordable housing association.

Tim Crooks, President, CHRA Board of Directors & Executive Director, Phoenix Youth Programs
Adrienne Pacini, Partner, SHS Consulting


Addressing discrimination in housing

It’s no secret that racial discrimination is a pervasive and ongoing challenge that impacts experiences with housing and homelessness. To address racial discrimination and prejudicial practices in the housing sector, we must learn from the experiences of racialized individuals and groups. Join our panel of experts to learn about how their work can help translate awareness into targeted interventions that address housing hardships and homelessness amongst racialized communities.

Yutaka Dirks, Outreach & Advocacy Advisor, Canadian Centre for Housing Rights (CCHR) - Winnipeg
Betty Edel, Senior Director, Housing Supports, End Homelessness Winnipeg
Marie Cecile Kotyk, Doctoral Candidate, University of Calgary
Moderator: Cynthia Summers, Chief Executive Officer, Windsor Essex Community Housing Corporation

More speakers to be announced


Aligning Social Housing with the National Housing Strategy

Canada needs more non-market rent-geared-to-income housing. The community housing sector has the opportunity to utilize the National Housing Strategy (NHS) to mitigate our current housing crisis, but there is work to do to make this happen. Join this session to get a broad historical review and analysis of what governments have been doing to address the housing needs of low-income Canadians and learn about the opportunities and limitations of the NHS when it comes to rent-geared-to-income (RGI) social housing and some of the key public policy ideas that are aiming to address the challenges. You’ll also hear about how some provinces and municipalities are partnering with the federal government to meet the need for RGI housing.

Steve Pomeroy, Industry Professor of Canadian Housing Policy at McMaster University and Principal Consultant at Focus Consulting.

This session will prepare participants for attending day 2 of the Social Housing and Human Rights conference, which takes place on Friday April 21 at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.


Ask the Lawyers: Manitoba edition

This session allows Manitoba attendees to get answers to the legal questions they have had or haven’t yet thought of. Join lawyers from Taylor McCaffrey LLP to get their opinions on your questions, sent in advance to MNPHA, and get the chance to ask questions during the session.

Speaker: Kristen Wittman, Partner, Taylor McCaffrey LLP

Presented by MNPHA

2:00 to 3:30pm

Addressing the Needs of Affordable Housing Tenants: Tools and case studies

The needs of affordable housing tenants are diverse and can include various supportive services. Research and resources are necessary to help housing providers understand the needs of their tenants and ensure they receive the supports they need. Join this session to learn about the varied needs of affordable housing tenants and how we can measure the impact of our efforts, and hear about tools that have proven benefits to tenants and how you can apply them.

Tammy Bennett, Senior Manager, BC Housing
Margaret Forbes, Regional Advisor and Engagement Lead, Stepped Care Solutions
Nazih Nasrallah, Director of Research, Congress of Aboriginal Peoples
Moderator: Rebecca Siggner, Manager, Research, BC Housing

2:00 to 3:30pm

Breaking Ground: Innovations in affordable housing creation


In an era of massive shortfalls in the supply of adequate affordable housing, how can we create homes more quickly, sustainably, and for less money without sacrificing quality? We have seen how the housing crisis has provided opportunity for creativity and innovation. Houses can be 3D printed. Underused commercial buildings can be converted into affordable housing. Join this session to hear speakers discuss their creative innovations in affordable housing development and the benefits and challenges they’ve faced along the way.

Chris Ballard, CEO, Passive House Canada
Fiona Coughlin, Executive Director/CEO, Habitat for Humanity Windsor Essex
Bernadette Majdell, CEO, Homespace Society
Heather Morley, Executive Director, Inn from the Cold
Moderator: Susan McGee, Executive Director, Homeward Trust

2:00 to 3:30pm

Queer-Informed Housing for the 2SLGBTQ+ Community

2SLGBTQ+ individuals face unique challenges when it comes to housing and homelessness. Pride Home, a housing initiative for 2SLGBTQ+ youth in Saskatoon, provides a youth-led/client-centered model, trauma informed care, holistic well-being, and a harm reduction/housing first approach. Join this session to learn about the creation of Pride Home, why there is a need for queer housing for youth and all ages, project outcomes, and the theories utilized in building and continuing this queer housing initiative.

Alex Abramovich, Researcher, Institute for Mental Health Policy Research, CAMH
Andrew Hartman, Founder, PSYSTEM & Project Leader, University of Saskatchewan
Sarah Hnatuk, Pride Home Manager, OUTSaskatoon
Jennifer White, General Manager, Youth Outreach and Intervention, YMCA of Greater Toronto
Moderator: Emily Paradis, Senior Research Associate, University of Toronto

2:00 to 3:30pm

Developing a Unified Call to Action for Social Housing

We need immediate solutions to address the diverse needs of Canadians experiencing housing insecurity and homelessness. This session will bring advocates together to develop a unified call to action to establish non-market rent-geared-to-income housing as a policy and funding priority for the federal government and what needs to be done to mobilize our advocacy efforts at a national level.

To be confirmed.

This session will prepare participants for attending day 2 of the Social Housing and Human Rights conference, which takes place on Friday April 21 at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

2:00 to 3:30pm

Provincial Public Housing Devolution

Provincial governments across Canada are reconsidering their current role in the direct provision of social housing. In Alberta and Manitoba, public housing authorities have started or are making plans to start transferring assets and/or the responsibility of asset management from the public sector to the non-profit sector. Join our panel as they explore the impetus for these transfers, the challenges and successes that provinces have experienced or foresee on the horizon, the potential implications for social housing provision in those provinces, and how the public service and non-profit sectors are preparing and responding for this shift.

Irene Martin Lindsay, Executive Director, Alberta Seniors and Community Housing Association
Dwayne Rewniak, A/Chief Executive Officer, Manitoba Housing
Shantelle Rosteski, Manager, Elbert Chartrand Friendship Centre Housing
James Heinrichs, Executive Director, Winnipeg Housing Rehabilitation Corporation
Stephan Corriveau, Excecutive Director, Community Housing Transformation Centre
Facilitated by Cheryl Krostewitz, Director of Programs, MNPHA

Presented by MNPHA


Mobile Tours

Please note that you must purchase a ticket to attend the mobile tours. See the Registration page for pricing details.
Mobile Tour 4: Westminster Housing (West End Historic Tour) In the mid-1990s, Winnipeg’s West Broadway neighbourhood was struggling with high vacancies, gang activity, concentrated poverty, and aging housing stock. Through partnerships between all levels of government and community organizations, non-profit housing providers took on a major role in revitalizing Winnipeg’s core neighbourhoods.

The Westminster Housing Society purchases and rehabilitates homes, including townhouses, small apartment blocks, and single family homes, to provide affordable housing in the neighbourhood. Join this tour with Westminster Housing Society Board Member, Tenant Action Committee chair, and tenant Mike Maunder to see its housing projects and hear about the impacts the housing has had on the community.

Mobile Tour 5: Hudson’s Bay Redevelopment The Southern Chiefs Organization (SCO) has acquired the Hudson’s Bay heritage building in downtown Winnipeg to redevelop it into a multi-use facility that will benefit First Nation citizens and help revitalize a downtown core hit hard by the pandemic. The project has been named Wehwehneh Bahgahkinahgohn, or “it is visible”, and is intended to be a tangible demonstration of Reconciliation in action.

Join this tour to visit the historical former Hudson’s Bay building and hear SCO’s vision for the project, which includes mixed-income housing, retail development, a non-profit childcare centre, an on-site health centre, and a future Governance House for the Chiefs of the Southern First Nation.

Mobile Tour 6: 26 Gaylene At their 26 Gaylene property, S.A.M. Properties Holding Inc. partnered with Makoon Transition to provide support and wrap around services in the building as well as units for families while Makoon Transition works with Child and Family Services to keep the families together and transition them into permanent housing. Join this tour and get a firsthand look at the property, its services, and the partnership between a housing provider and social services organization in action.

Special event | 6:00-8:30pm

Closing Ceremonies

Closing Keynote: Leilani Farha

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