Our Strategic Plan

CHRA's activities are guided by a four-year Strategic Plan that is informed by the membership and approved by the Board of Directors. The Plan identifies CHRA's vision, beliefs, and key objectives over its four-year lifespan.

Our Vision

CHRA - Housing for all!

Our Mission

The purpose of CHRA is to strengthen the community housing sector for the benefit of all through advocacy, research, partnership and member services.

Our Beliefs

The Canadian Housing Renewal Association is guided by a set of core beliefs. These beliefs define who we are and how we work:

  • Everyone has the human right to safe, quality, and affordable housing
  • Safe, quality and affordable housing is critical for all people to achieve success and reach their full potential
  • CHRA is committed to Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and views housing as a core component of Reconciliation
  • Governments have a critical role to play in providing access to safe, quality, affordable housing
  • CHRA's strength comes from its members and all members have a voice
  • Collaboration and partnership with key stakeholders is central to CHRA's future success


Our Key Result Areas



CHRA engages and supports members and partners in delivering targeted and impactful public policy advocacy.


1.1 Develop a long term vision and strategy for a sustainable, affordable housing sector in which all people in Canada have access to housing that meets their needs by 2030.

1.2 Deepen engagement with members in identifying advocacy priorities, positions and reporting on advocacy results.

1.3 Continue to engage with partners and other stakeholders in (including CANPHA) CHRA advocacy efforts, including shared messaging.


Policy and Research

CHRA is a leader in identifying research needs and developing policy to support the sector


2.1  In consultation with Indigenous Caucus, establish a strengthened Indigenous Caucus aligned with CHRA to lead the policy/research/advocacy agenda for urban, rural and northern Indigenous Housing.

2.2 Develop a report card to measure implementation of the NHS and alignment with CHRA objectives.

2.3 In collaboration with partners, develop policies on "affordable" housing, particularly examining the impact of the NHS.

2.4 Develop a community housing research agenda based on best practices in collaboration with key partners, and disseminate research to members.


Member Services

CHRA delivers member products and services that consistently exceed expectations


3.1 Create convening spaces for members to collide and collaborate (beyond Congress).

3.2 Create opportunities for members to directly contribute to strategic goals and key objectives.

3.3 Continue to deliver a Congress that is valued by membership, and that delivers high quality to community housing leaders.

3.4 Expand opportunities for members to grow as leaders in the affordable housing space.


Strategic Partnerships


CHRA works to support the community housing sector with the support of strategic partners


4.1 Build upon existing strong partnerships, and identify and create new strategic partnerships with housing and non-housing stakeholders in pursuit of our vision.


Organizational Excellence

CHRA governance, membership, internal processes and culture are renewed to meet the challenges of the next generation.


5.1 Complete a governance review to ensure Board diversity, representation, Indigenous support, Director engagement.

5.2 Strengthen the current value proposition that supports a renewed membership model (eg, categories, caucuses) to address member diversity, needs and CHRA needs.

5.3 Continue to develop effective internal support functions and processes (HR, finance, succession, SOPs, etc.).

5.4 Ensure CHRA is recognized as a leader through implementation of a robust internal and external communication strategy.

5.5 Secure long term funding and revenue sources via foundations and other sources.