Our Strategic Plan

CHRA's activities are guided by a four-year Strategic Plan that is informed by the membership and approved by the Board of Directors. The Plan identifies CHRA's vision, beliefs, and key objectives over its four-year lifespan.

Canadian Housing and Renewal Association Strategic Plan 2023-2027

A Way Forward for CHRA

This strategic plan comes at a time of great urgency in the housing sector. It situates CHRA within the broader housing system in Canada to articulate our unique role and contributions to ensuring everyone in Canada can live somewhere in security, peace, and dignity.

Our Beliefs

Our beliefs as an organization guide our strategy and everything we do. These beliefs shine through in our vision, mission, and strategic goals.

  • Everyone has the human right to safe, dignified, and affordable housing—a good home supports all people to achieve success and reach their full potential.
  • We know housing is a core component of reconciliation, and we prioritize action toward reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.
  • Governments have a duty to lead in providing access to safe, quality, and affordable housing and services beyond bricks and mortar to address diverse and unique needs.
  • We believe our strength comes from the unified voice of our diverse members from across the country.
  • Collaboration and partnership with key stakeholders are central to our success and impact.


Our Vision

A thriving housing system in Canada, where we realize the right to housing for all.

Our Mission

We lead and provoke system-wide action toward the right to housing for all by:

  • serving as the national voice of the community housing sector; and
  • creating the conditions for community housing providers to achieve their goals.

Our Strategic Goals

We will:

  • Put forth a strong national advocacy voice to ensure a holistic human rights framework and guide housing funding and investment in Canada.
  • Steward the next generation of housing professionals to grow and sustain the housing sector and help community housing providers achieve their goals
  • Be the go-to partner to gain expertise and collaborate on housing outcomes to foster connections and a community of practice toward housing solutions in Canada.
  • Expand our member and paid service offerings to better serve our existing members, diversify our revenue sources to sustain CHRA, and grow our reach.
  • Grow our membership base to strengthen our voice on national housing issues and sustain CHRA from a financial standpoint.
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