Our Members

Join our national movement for affordable housing

We recognize it takes all kinds of people and organizations to advance affordable housing and eliminate homelessness. Your membership plays a key role in strengthening the community housing and homelessness sector. Review our membership benefits to see how our team can serve you through advocacy, knowledge dissemination, networking opportunities, events, and much more.

CHRA brings the affordable housing sector together to accomplish what cannot be done individually. Together we make a difference!

Who are CHRA members?

CHRA provides a home for the housing sector and for all who believe that every person in Canada should have a safe, appropriate, affordable place to call home.

Our members collectively house and shelter hundreds of thousands of Canadians and provide housing support to many more. They are diverse and include housing providers, municipalities, provincial and territorial housing departments, service and support agencies, individuals, students and other housing-related associations and networks.

Add your voice so we can work together to grow our numbers and our influence.

We unite the sector with events, webinars, interest-based working groups and a board of directors that reflects our diverse membership. Our national Congress is a one-of-a-kind event where housing professionals gather to share information, network and learn about best practices from experts and from each other.

Member input is most valued and guide our activities. Share your voice by running for a position on the Board of Directors, participating in the Annual General Meeting or on key committees, nominating and/or receiving a CHRA National Award, and so much more.