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Join our national movement for affordable housing

We recognize it takes all kinds of people and organizations to advance affordable housing and eliminate homelessness. Your membership plays a key role in strengthening the community housing and homelessness sector. Review our membership benefits below to see how our team can serve you through advocacy, knowledge dissemination, networking opportunities, events, and much more.

CHRA brings the affordable housing sector together to accomplish what cannot be done individually. Together we make a difference!

Who are CHRA members?

CHRA provides a home for the housing sector and for all who believe that every person in Canada should have a safe, appropriate, affordable place to call home.

Our members collectively house and shelter hundreds of thousands of Canadians and provide housing support to many more. They are diverse and include housing providers, municipalities, provincial and territorial housing departments, service and support agencies, individuals, students and other housing-related associations and networks.

Add your voice so we can work together to grow our numbers and our influence.

We unite the sector with events, webinars, interest-based working groups, and a board of directors that reflects our diverse membership. Our national Congress is a one-of-a-kind event where housing professionals gather to share information, network and learn about best practices from experts and from each other.

Member input is most valued and guide our activities. Share your voice by running for a position on the Board of Directors, participating in the Annual General Meeting or on key committees, nominating and/or receiving a CHRA National Award, and so much more.

Why become a CHRA member?

Your membership plays a key role in strengthening the community housing and homelessness sector. We unite the sector with events, webinars, interest-based working groups, and a board of directors that reflects our diverse membership. Become a CHRA member and:

  • Add your voice to CHRA's federal advocacy efforts to strengthen community housing and eliminate homelessness by participating in events, advocacy campaigns and more
  • Guide the development of progressive housing policies that influence federal government decision-makers
  • Participate in committees that design and discuss best practices in housing
  • Become a member of the Indigenous Caucus and participate in policy making to strengthen urban, rural, and northern Indigenous housing
  • Receive updated communications on key developments, policy changes, federal legislation, and other timely information you need
  • Learn about best practices and leading-edge research through regular webinars and other learning opportunities
  • Participate in members-only events such as political meetings, consultations, and online updates, and receive briefings on key national policy developments from senior federal decision makers and officials
  • Get a reduced rate at our National Congress on Housing and Homelessness
  • Get access to members-only events like Housing on the Hill Day and our International Study Tours
  • Promote your organization through advertising and sponsorship opportunities on our website, in our publications, and at our events
  • Get your job postings listed for free on our job board ($200 for non-members)
  • Become a mentor or mentee in the Housing Professionals Mentorship Program (HPMP)
  • Run for a Board of Directors position, present resolutions, and vote at the Annual General Meeting
  • Take advantage of special members-only discounts and programs through our Affinity Program

CHRA’s Impact on the Community Housing Sector

Over the past several years, we have worked with our members and sector allies to achieve real housing policy and program gains on the federal level. Many wins for the housing sector in recent years were achieved through our consistent advocacy efforts together.

  • The National Housing Strategy Act and recognition of housing as a human right in 2019 was an outcome of years of advocacy work from CHRA and its allies.
  • The Indigenous Caucus within CHRA facilitated the creation of the National Indigenous Housing Collaborative Inc. (NICHI) in 2023, which is leading and facilitating change for Indigenous housing providers across the country.
  • The Indigenous Caucus and CHRA advocated for an urban, rural, and northern (URN) Indigenous housing strategy for several years coining the term “For Indigenous, By Indigenous”. Federal budgets 2022 and 2023 committed to $4.3 billion to co-develop and implement an URN strategy. We continue to advocate for the amount needed to fully realize a sustainable URN strategy.
  • We released our Blueprint for Housing in fall 2022 - an extensive policy document created with the input of members to help inform CHRA’s advocacy efforts. Budget 2024 saw the federal government adopt the “Team Canada” language coined in the Blueprint and committing to a collaborative approach to solving the housing crisis, something for which CHRA has consistently advocated.
  • We worked with sector partners CHF Canada, The BC Rental Protection Fund, and NICHI to create the Canadian Housing Acquisition Fund, designed to leverage government support alongside impact investments to protect affordable rental housing and increase the scale of the community housing sector.
  • With collaboration from sector partners, we released an economic study, authored by Deloitte, which quantifies the impact community housing has on the economy and finds that bringing Canada’s share of community housing stock in line with the OECD average by 2030 would add $67 billion to $136 billion to Canada’s economy, and improve per capita economic output.

In Budget 2024 alone, we saw many long-standing CHRA priorities reflected:

  • $1.5 billion allocated to the Canada Rental Protection Fund (an acquisition fund). CHRA and its Canadian Housing Acquisition Fund partners are advocating for the government to work with us to implement this important initiative. The establishment of such a fund was a key recommendation from our Blueprint for Housing.
  • Through the Public Lands for Homes plan, the government will unlock underused public land for housing, accelerating availability, and creating a mapping tool to track potential sites. The unlocking of public lands for housing was also a Blueprint recommendation.
  • $20 million allocated to modernizing housing data collection – also a recommendation included in the Blueprint.
  • $1 billion allocated to CMHC to launch a new Rapid Housing stream under the Affordable Housing Fund to build more deeply affordable housing, supportive housing, and shelters. This new funding stream focuses on supportive housing and is in addition to the $1 billion top-up announced in the 2023 Fall Economic Statement.
  • The federal government removing GST from new rental apartment construction projects – something that CHRA has long advocated for.

As the government moves to implement these measures, CHRA and our members are ready to help – the community housing sector is best positioned to address the housing crisis.

CHRA brings your voice – the voice of practical, community-based experience – directly to federal decision-makers. We need you to be part of our movement to increase the supply of community housing, and to make sure that everyone has a decent affordable home.

Our flexible membership fees are designed to be affordable for organizations and businesses of all sizes. We've updated our membership categories and fees to make them more transparent.

2024 CHRA Membership Fees

Affordable Housing and Shelter Providers

Any organization or municipality that owns or manages housing or shelters is an Affordable Housing and Shelter Provider.

Any home, apartment, room, bed, or shelter space is considered one unit, whether subsidized, market, or non-market.

Fees are based on number of units.

Under 500 units              $500
500-999 units               $2,000
1000-2499 units           $4,000
2500-4999 units           $8,000
5000-14,999 units      $12,500
15,000-19,999 units   $25,000
Above 20,000 units    $40,000

Housing and Shelter Associations

Housing and Shelter Associations are membership organizations that represent affordable housing and shelter providers. Associations that represent other kinds of members can join as Non-Profit Groups and Associations.

Fees are based on the total number of units that their members provide.

Any home, apartment, room, bed, or shelter space is considered one unit, whether subsidized, market, or non-market.

Representing fewer than 20,000 units   $500
Representing 20,000-49,999 units       $1,000
Representing 50,000-99,999 units       $2,500
Representing over 100,000 units         $5,000


Municipalities that directly own or operate housing and shelters should join as Affordable Housing and Shelter Providers.

Fees are based on population as of last census.

Under 100,000             $1,000
100,000-499,999          $1,750
500,000-999,999          $2,500
Over 1 million               $3,500

Non-Profit Groups (non-profit organizations that do NOT operate housing)

Non-Profit Groups and Associations do not provide affordable housing or shelter units or represent affordable housing and shelter providers.

Any home, apartment, room, bed, or shelter space is considered one unit, whether subsidized, market, or non-market.

Operating budgets under  $1 million    $500
Operating budgets over  $1 million     $1000

Individual Members

Individual members receive CHRA member benefits but any organization they represent do not, unless that organization joins separately as a member.

We encourage executives to enlist their organizations rather than join as individual members so that all employees, volunteers, and clients of their organization benefit from membership.

Reduced Fee* $125

*low income, retired, student, or under 30 years old.