Blog Series | Social, Non-Profit and Affordable Housing

Our blog series provides first-hand accounts, insights and perspectives by our staff, members and board members on issues and news related to social, non-profit and affordable housing in Canada. 

Members can submit blogs for consideration. Send an email with your blog idea or submission to Submissions should be a maximum of 750 words, written in first person and address a housing-related issue.

The Top 10 Things to Watch for in 2021 for the National Community Housing Sector

By Jeff Morrison, Executive Director of the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association

As we look ahead in 2021, Jeff Morrison highlights the top 10 things the community housing sector should keep watch for in the upcoming year.

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Fall Economic Statement: A Disappointment for Affordable Housing and Homelessness Sector

By Steve Pomeroy, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Urban Research and Education (CURE), Carleton University

On November 30, 2020, the federal government announced their “Economic and Fiscal Snapshot”. Although not a full budget, the fiscal update announced the government’s intentions to introduce over $100 billion in stimulus spending after the COVID-19 pandemic had subsided. Professor Pomeroy shares his thoughts on this Fall Fiscal Update.

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Leadership in the Time of Doubt

CHRA is blessed to include so many renowned leaders within our membership. As leaders, there is no end to the challenges you face, and no end to the kinds of solutions that you need to develop. Navigating through difficult situations is a common challenge, especially when determining a path forward is not always clear-cut or obvious. As housing leaders, we are all used to getting creative and thinking “outside the box” to tackling the long list of challenges we all face.

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Right to Housing is Now Law in Canada: So Now What?

By Jeff Morrison, Executive Director of the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association

On June 21, the Governor General signed into law Bill C-97, which contained the “National Housing Strategy Act”, and the federal right to housing legislation. So what’s next? Although the right to housing is a positive step forward, questions remain as to its implications. Based on the legislation itself and discussions with CMHC and other government officials, Jeff has compiled a Top 10 list of what we expect the legislation will achieve, what it won’t achieve, and what we don’t yet know. 

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What Impact will the 2019 Federal Budget have on Canada’s Housing Market?

By Nick Falvo, Research Associate at the Carleton University Centre for Community Innovation, and CCPA Research Associate. This blog was originally posted on

On March 19, Canada’s federal finance minister tabled the Trudeau government’s 2019 budget titled Investing in the Middle Class. Budget 2019 has implications for housing—here are 10 things to know. 

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What will 2019 hold for Canada’s affordable housing sector?

By Steve Pomeroy, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Urban Research and Education, Carleton University

As I thought about the coming year for Canada’s affordable housing sector, I thought it might be good to write a blog. However, never one to be accused of being short for words, the blog evolved into an essay, much too long for a blog.

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Using Research to Drive Innovation in the Community Housing Sector

This blog post by the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association was originally published on QuickConnections.

The community housing sector is modernizing. Recent developments, from the National Housing Strategy to Ontario’s proposed modernized framework, are moving us in to a new era and challenging us to think creatively. We are seeing new funding opportunities for research open up. As a sector, we need to be ready to take full advantage of the opportunities coming down the pipe.

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Welcome to CHRA’s Blog Series – Let’s Get Started!

By Jeff Morrison, Executive Director, Canadian Housing and Renewal Association

In an era where we’re all so busy and many of us suffer from information overload, I know what you must be thinking:  Another thing to read?  One more item on my to-do pile?  It’s true, there’s certainly no shortage of reading material available, even on a topic as specific as housing.  But the staff and Board at CHRA often hear from our members and non-members alike that they don’t always understand everything that is going on nationally in housing, nor even within CHRA itself.  So this new CHRA blog series is intended to be another tool in the communication toolkit to share ideas, information, and perspectives on what’s happening in the social and affordable housing space in Canada –and the more candid and direct, the better.

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Touring the Ottawa Salus Karen’s place property on Clementine Ave.

By Dana Salvador, Communications Associate, Canadian Housing and Renewal Association

On June 26th, the staff of CHRA had the chance to take a tour of Ottawa Salus’ newest 42-unit affordable housing development, “Karen’s place” in Ottawa, Ont. Karen’s place offers its residence an affordable, comfortable and safe place to call home. With full size bachelor suites, common areas for building residents, a community garden, and laundry/washing facilities, the establishment and functioning of this housing project is made possible through $2.3 million of fundraising and donations from several Ottawa Salus donors and partners.

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Norfolk Housing Association – Thoughts on the Mixed Market Housing in Alberta

By Maya Kambeitz, CPHR and Cynthia Mazereeuw. Maya is the Executive Director and Cynthia is the Communications Specialist at Norfolk Housing Association in the Sunnyside area of Calgary, Alberta.

Last month the Government of Alberta released their long awaited housing strategy to a group of housing stakeholders from all over the province. Their announcement includes plans to support housing providers and tenants by allowing greater flexibility via the mixed income model, housing supports, and renewal of existing housing. 

It is an exciting time in the province, to be sure, and one that comes with a lot of pressing need as we grasp our way out from under a deflated economy. 

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