Annual General Meeting

CHRA keeps an open dialogue with members about their priorities year-round, but the Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the official opportunity for members to have their ideas heard and voted on by members and put into action by the CHRA Board and staff.

The Annual General Meetings take place in Spring. Information is sent to members early in the year. CHRA members have the opportunity to submit resolutions for consideration at the AGM. The following provides important information on how to submit a resolution for consideration:


Resolutions must be submitted 45 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. Resolutions cannot be presented from the floor during the AGM.


Resolutions must deal with actions or positions to be taken by CHRA itself, or with CHRA's bylaws.

Resolutions must reflect the mandate of CHRA, be relevant to CHRA policy, and be national in scope.


Resolutions may only be submitted by CHRA members or CHRA's Board of Directors

A representative from the organization bringing forward a resolution should attend the Annual General Meeting and should be prepared to briefly present the resolution to the membership.

For resolutions which create new policy areas, change existing policy, or have significant cost implications, the resolutions committee will forward the resolution to the CHRA Board for its recommendation of support, non-support or amendment.


Resolutions should be written in a narrative format (as opposed to using 'whereas'), and should include the rationale, cost implications and a clear articulation of a policy position or action for CHRA to take.