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Webinar: Affordable Homeownership by Non-Profits, Shared Equity Mortgage Models

July 11, 2019


On June 17, 2019, CMHC announced the Shared Equity Mortgage Provider (SEMP) Fund, a program to help eligible Canadians achieve affordable home ownership. The 5-year program will provide up to $100 million in lending to shared equity mortgage providers over a five-year period, to help them scale-up their business and encourage new players to enter the market.

This webinar will introduce the Shared Equity Mortgage Model as it is used by non-profits for facilitating affordable homeownership. Our speakers will present the model that they are using in their programs and discuss why it matters in the affordable housing spectrum. As well, CMHC will provide an update on the Shared Equity Mortgage Provider Fund.

There are a few non-profits in Canada who have been in the shared equity mortgage business for some time – we will hear from three of them:

  • Trillium Housing provides eligible home purchasers (those with incomes below the local median income) with a shared-appreciation mortgage.
  • Options for Homes has been in the affordable home ownership sector for over 25 years. Options is a developer and has completed over 3000 units to date. Through their model, they provide between 10-15% down payment support, purchasers are expected to have a 5% down payment.
  • The Accès Condos program is part of Société d’habitation et de dévelopment de Montréal (SHDM) a non-profit and self-financing agency of the Ville de Montréal. The Accès Condos program accredits affordable and quality-built units through agreements with developers and provides 10% down payment to purchase an accredited unit from the developer.


  • Katherine Lawlor, Advisor, Policy, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
  • Joe Deschenes Smith, Principal and Founder, Trillium Housing
  • Heather Tremain, CEO, Options for Homes
  • Patrick Pretty, Project Coordinator, Société d’habitation et de dévelopment de Montréal (SHDM)