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Getting Started: Preparing for your energy retrofit with a rock-solid plan

October 29, 2021 | 1:30-2:30pm EDT


Energy retrofits are renovation projects that help to achieve high energy performance in a building. They can make housing more comfortable during heat waves and cold snaps and help lower costs. And retrofits are a critical tool to reduce the environmental footprint of the housing sector with potential energy savings of up to 40-60%. But planning for energy retrofits is a critical first step!

A solid plan helps set you up for success by reducing risk and allowing you to make course corrections early on. Irfaan Hasham, FCM’s Regional Energy Coach from the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada will share the tried-and-tested process to plan for your retrofit project. Lee Prevost from Boundary Design will present examples of successful plans to inspire you on your retrofit journey. Finally, you'll hear about FCM’s Sustainable Affordable Housing planning grants and capacity development tools available to help make your retrofit project a reality.