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Webinar: Closing the Gap on Tenant-Landlord Relations Through 'Ready to Rent' Certified Training

September 22, 2016


join us to learn about Ready to Rent's tenant education and certification model for the rental housing sector being expanded in BC. Ready to Rent BC (R2R) is helping participants to build the knowledge, skills and confidence to access and maintain housing. This combination of education and support is demonstrating results in helping people with barriers to housing increase their housing stability.

Being a good tenant requires a combination of skills and knowledge that can be learned: identifying housing priorities, applying for housing, rights and responsibilities, landlord empathy, financial management, effective communication, and taking care of your home. 'RentSmart' graduates receive a certificate that is recognized by BC Housing, and many housing providers and landlords, opening doors for those vulnerable to housing instability.

R2R's model utilizes a train the trainer and community partnership approach to deliver high quality and standardized education in communities across BC

RentEd is a complimentary course offered to housing providers and landlords interested in building their knowledge, skills and capacity for housing stability – meaning R2R builds common language, skills and understanding between both sides of the tenancy relationship.

The webinar will address Ready to Rent BC's:

  • RentSmart and RentEd education, certificate and support model for housing stability;
  • R2R program launch and provincial/Canada wide pilot initiative;
  • Impact Measurement and results to date.

The R2R model will interest those who work with individuals experiencing housing instability or are at risk of homelessness, Aboriginals leaving reserve, youth transitioning out of care, single parents, women escaping violence, and newcomers, as well as low income seniors.



  • Kristi Fairholm Mader, Co-Executive Director, Ready to Rent BC