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The Community Housing Transformation Centre’s Self-Assessment Tool and Action Plan: A new path to funding and resources

November 29, 2021 | 2:30pm EST


When we think about projects that we would like to develop with the help of funding and resources, sometimes we are torn in different directions. What should we work on first? Our buildings? Our tenants? Maybe our board needs some attention…

Having tools that allow us to measure where we stand on different aspects of our business, like financial planning, asset management, energy efficiency, governance, helps to bring focus to our work. They help us measure our progress and adjust as we move forward. They also assist in establishing priorities which can be useful when applying for funding.

The Centre has developed the Self-Assessment Tool and Action Plan to support non-profits and co-ops who want to take some time to set priorities in several areas of their operations and then apply for funding to make them a reality.

Because everyone is busy, and when we need support and funding, it helps to take the time to review what is important for our organization. So that what we ask for actually fits with our needs, as we see them, for now and for the future.



Lisa Ker, Deputy Executive Director, Community Housing Transformation Centre