Webinar: Understanding the Fundamentals of Real Estate Valuation in a Social Housing Environment

February 15, 2017


Interested in learning more about property valuation? This session will discuss the fundamentals of real estate valuation and how the appraisal report can help you to make informed real estate decisions.

Discussion will include:

  • Highest and best use;
  • Zoning, land controls and permitted uses;
  • Understanding the different valuation methodologies.

Whether you're looking to finance, assess market rent, make capital expenditures, sell or purchase in the non-profit and social housing sectors, or assessing the feasibility of converting or developing a project, join this webinar to find out why a valuation expert could be instrumental to your team of experts to maximize your real estate assets.


  • Nathalie Roy-Patenaude, AACI, P.App., Director-Counsellor, Professional Practice of the Appraisal Institute of Canada