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Webinar: The Canadian Rental Housing Index

September 12, 2018


In May of 2018, BCNPHA and partners from across Canada released a major update to the Canadian Rental Housing Index (CRHI). The Index is an interactive web-map and Canada’s most comprehensive database of rental housing statistics, providing information on affordability and overcrowding for over 800 municipalities and regions across the country. Based on a custom dataset from the 2016 long-form census, the Index can be used for a variety of purposes such as understanding rents, incomes, cost burdens, and overcrowding of renter households in communities throughout Canada.

This  webinar provides an overview of the CRHI and its history; demonstrates how to use the tool; and provides examples of how the Index has been used in practice.

To learn more about the Index, please visit www.rentalhousingindex.ca.



  • Brian Clifford, Policy Manager, BC Non-Profit Housing Association