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Webinar: Social Return on Investment (SROI): Making the Case for Housing

January 28, 2016


In a world where value is most easily understood in financial terms, this webinar focused on the how and the why of measuring the impact of Social Return on Investment (SROI), and the implications for affordable, non-profit and supportive housing providers.

There has been increasing demand for impact measurement as organizations seek to expand their priorities beyond strictly financial objectives. Joined by SiMPACT Strategy Group, founding partner of The SROI Canada Network, watch this webinar to learn more about SROI tools and methodology, and the value of SROI to key stakeholders including:

  • the organization seeking to measure its social impacts;
  • the organization's funders, clients and the public;
  • the organization's beneficiaries and staff;
  • as well as for the affordable housing sector at large.

Learnings from this webinar will help to inform future planning, day-to-day management and project evaluation of your organization.

You will also hear from WoodGreen Community Services, who will discuss how they are using SROI to communicate the value of their Homeward Bound program which helps precariously-housed and homeless single mothers transition to economic self-sufficiency. WoodGreen will highlight the benefits of SROI as a tool for housing service providers.


  • Stephanie Robertson, CEO & Founder, SiMPACT Strategy Group, Calgary (AB)
  • Sydney Blum, Director of Community Impact & Strategic Relations, WoodGreen Community Services, Toronto (ON)