Webinar: Social Housing Around the World - Wiener Wohnen in Vienna

November 27, 2018


There is a long-standing tradition in Vienna to expand social residential construction, housing prices, and rents, beyond the forces of the free economy. This webinar will explain this internationally unique story of success, it´s reasons and the different forms of social housing in Vienna. The webinar will cover:

  • Some general facts and figures about the city of Vienna and the city's housing situation.
  • History of social housing in Vienna.
  • Information about the two different forms of “social housing” – subsidized housing and council flats.
  • Explanation of the allocation criterions.
  • Facts and figures about “Wiener Wohnen”, who is the owner and caretaker of the council flats.
  • Presentation of the new residential development areas in Vienna.
  • Quality and Affordability – Explanation of the four-pillar model of subsidized housing.



  • Christian Schantl, Head of Communication & Marketing Department, Stadt Wien - Wiener Wohnen