CHRA Issues Pre-Budget Statement Calling for Urban, Rural and Northern Indigenous Housing Strategy

Today, CHRA issued the following statement in support of an urban, rural and northern Indigenous housing strategy in advance of the 2022 Federal Budget:

As the national association representing social and non-profit housing in Canada, CHRA supports and prioritizes the call by the Indigenous Caucus urging the federal government to prioritize and fund the co-development and implementation of an Urban, Rural and Northern (URN) Indigenous housing in this year’s budget. This strategy represents the solution to address the staggering rise in homelessness and housing gaps plaguing the 87% of URN Indigenous communities living in urban, rural, and northern regions.  

Housing is the foundation of any vibrant and prosperous community, yet URN Indigenous communities continue to exist and live without such a core, significant, and basic humanitarian need. For years now, CHRA and the Indigenous Caucus have urged the federal government to move forward on implementing housing strategies anchored in true reconciliation, which includes acknowledging, respecting, and addressing the housing needs of Indigenous households. The distinction-based housing strategies advanced by the federal government are insufficient to fully eliminate the gap in core housing needs between Indigenous and non-Indigenous households. Greater collaboration, coordination, and partnerships with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis communities is needed to ensure that all Indigenous people in housing need are served. 

 The federal government delivering on its commitment to co-develop an Urban, Rural, and Northern Indigenous Housing Strategy would constitute an essential step in recognizing the self-determination of urban, rural, and northern Indigenous Peoples. It is a step along the path to reconciliation and generational change. We hope the Government takes that step.