Changes to National Housing Co-Investment Fund unveiled by CMHC

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Read the transcript (PDF)

Read about the changes (PDF)

In response to concerns raised by the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association (CHRA) with the National Co-Investment Fund’s application process, CMHC has provided us with two documents that include changes that will ease the burden on housing providers applying to the program. 

The first document is a webinar transcript (PDF) from a session held in October 2018 during which changes to some of the original application policies were announced. 

The second is a new document issued by CMHC announcing changes to the energy efficiency and accessibility requirements for certain projects. 

If you are applying to the Co-Investment Fund, please review these for updated information.

Although these changes are steps in the right direction, there remain concerns over the Co-Investment Fund application process. 

CHRA is interested in hearing about specific problems or barriers that our members are encountering with the Co-Investment Fund application process. Please forward your issues to Jeff Morrison, Executive Director, at

We will continue to share these concerns with CMHC and advocate for means to resolve them.