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Webinar: Food Security and Social Housing

March 29, 2018


Existing research on food security indicates that the integration of food security into social housing is emergent, but still relatively small. Some of the nutritional and health issues that are of particular concern for individuals living in social housing are the frequency, duration, and severity of food insecurity; the accessibility, availability and affordability of food; as well as the lack of preparation skills, utensils, and storage space.  This webinar will discuss research around the intersections between food (in)security and social housing and resulting policy and program implications.  The webinar will also present on the benefits, opportunities and partnerships created through programs run by Nanaimo Affordable Housing Society in Nanaimo, BC and FoodShare in Toronto, ON; which help address some of the barriers to food security experienced by people living in social housing.



  • Dr. Judy Walsh, Tenant Relations Manager, Nanaimo Affordable Housing Society
  • Tara Ramkhelawan, Good Food Markets Senior Coordinator, FoodShare Toronto