Housing on the Hill Day 2022

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Housing on the Hill Day is back and in-person for 2022!

The housing sector has seen its share of challenges and opportunities over the past few years. The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the inequities of our society. Housing affordability, already a major concern for people across the country, is now identified as a top issue for Canadians from across the political spectrum. CHRA has been hard at work consulting with members to inform our recommendations and feedback to the federal government on how we can address Canada’s housing crisis.

CHRA and its members have an important role to play in moving the federal government’s housing policy forward and Housing on the Hill Day is a critical part of our advocacy efforts. Together, we can work towards our goal of ensuring that all who live in Canada have access to safe, affordable, appropriate housing.


What is Housing on the Hill Day?

Housing on the Hill Day is an annual event organized by CHRA that facilitates meetings between housing professionals and Members of Parliament to discuss issues of importance to the social and non-profit housing sector. This is your opportunity to hear directly from senior national housing leaders and officials and engage in discussions with federal elected officials on the issues that matter to you and the community housing sector at large.


How does Housing on the Hill Day work?

Leading up to Housing on the Hill Day, CHRA will place participants into teams, organized by similarities in the regions and/or communities they serve, the type of housing/services they provide, their areas of advocacy interests, etc. The teams will meet to get acquainted and will be provided with ideas for speaking points at the beginning of Housing on the Hill Day. The teams will discuss what they’d like to say during their MP meetings and how they’d like to address their issues of concern.

There will be two rounds of meetings with MPs. To conclude the day’s events, we’ll gather as a group to debrief and discuss the meetings. Participants will also have the chance to talk about their experiences and network in a more informal setting at a reception following the debrief and discussion meeting.

This year’s agenda also features updates on key federal housing policies and programs delivered by senior government and political representatives and an all-party political panel that will provide insight into the parties’ views on the housing crisis and how to address it.


Why is Housing on the Hill Day so important?

Over the past several years, Housing on the Hill Day has proven to be an important opportunity for leaders in the housing and homelessness sector to communicate with federal decision-makers. Previous Hill Days have helped us cement the National Housing Strategy, communicate the importance of a legislated right to housing, and promote the need for an urban, rural, and northern Indigenous housing strategy, which remains one of the top priorities of the CHRA Indigenous Caucus and CHRA’s advocacy in general.


It’s been a few years since we have been able to gather in person for a major CHRA event. Housing on the Hill Day is a great opportunity to express your concerns and present your recommendations directly to elected officials who are in a position to help address Canada’s housing crisis. It’s also your chance to network and socialize with like-minded colleagues and peers and build your advocacy experience.

Visit the Housing on the Hill Day webpage to see our preliminary agenda and to register and book your hotel!