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Webinar: Affordable Homeownership Models - Shared Equity Mortgages, Partnerships, Community Land Trusts

July 7, 2020

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In the second session of CHRA’s Congress 2020 Webinar Series, you will get familiar with examples of affordable homeownership models and practices being used across Canada.

Jeff Evenson, Options for Homes Options for Homes is the largest non-profit developer of affordable ownership homes in Canada. The presentation will describe the Options model used to build more than 3300 units over the past 25 years. It will explore some of the challenges and opportunities we are encountering as we move to build the next 2,000 units in our development pipeline.

Alex Miller, Big Block Construction development processes are robbing organizations and their customers from the opportunities they deserve. The presentation will educate leaders on how to create, navigate and deliver a successful project while minimizing risk. This presentation is ideal for all non profit organizations who want to maximize their effectiveness in any residential developments.

Tiffany Duzita, Community Land Trust Group of Societies Learn how the Community Land Trust Group of Societies (CLT) is being used to create, preserve and steward permanently affordable homes to diverse and mixed-income communities throughout BC. With a focus on housing co-operatives, the land trust model has opened doors for CLT with wide variety of partnerships to expand their portfolio to provide homes that enrich resident communities and build collective social wealth.

This session is moderated by Ray Sullivan, Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation.