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Topics in Indigenous Housing and Homelessness

September 19, 2023 | 2:00-3:00pm (ET)


Indigenous housing and homelessness are important issues that have been overlooked in recent years. Current studies in this area focus on needs assessments, costs, identifying and closing the existing housing gap and understanding how past and current policies impact housing outcomes for Indigenous populations in Canada. Another area that lacks attention is the topic of Indigenous women and 2SLGBTQ+ and the need for safe, affordable and secure housing given the unique and intersectional vulnerabilities they face. This research highlights that housing is a basic human right and is paramount to well-being and safety. Many of the studies in our webinar series aim to develop Indigenous-led national housing strategies, action plans and frameworks on how best to move forward in terms of policy recommendations and improving the quality of life for Indigenous peoples.



Opening remarks: Elder Claudette Commanda
Presenter 1: Nazih Nasrallah, Maghna Brahmachari & Ellie Chavry, Congress of Aboriginal Peoples
Presenter 2: Jonathon Potskin, National Association of Friendship Centres
Presenter 3: Marie McGregor Pitawanakwat, National Indigenous Housing Network