Mobile Tours

Wednesday (2:00pm-4:30pm)

TOUR #1 – Gottingen Street: The Ongoing Evolution of a Community – SOLD OUT  

Undergoing significant changes in Halifax’s North End is Gottingen Street and the surrounding area. The first stop will be to Uniacke Square, a 250-unit housing project originally built to house some of the displaced population of Africville. Today, it is home to people from across Halifax as well as many front-line service agencies. Second stop is Hope Blooms – a grassroots organization that empowers at-risk youth through a social enterprise model that teaches them how to grow food, make soups and salad dressing and bring products to market. This youth-led community based model develops young leaders, and has created a paradigm shift in the neighbourhood, breaking down social barriers to ownership and opportunities. Last stop will be to the Buddy Daye St. Apartments & Housing Support Centre owned and operated by Metro Non-Profit Housing Association (MNPHA). Here, delegates will learn about their 18 bachelor units for men or women as well as the Housing Support Centre where those in need can drop in for fellowship, advocacy and referral, and access to health care services. This building won the Lieutenant Governor’s Prize for architecture in 2001.

*Please note that the tour will be approximately 3 km in length – some of the walking is uphill. Please wear appropriate shoes and clothing for this tour.

TOUR #2 – Helping Youth, Families and Communities to Thrive – SOLD OUT 

This tour will focus on the programs and services that Phoenix, a non-profit community organization established in 1987, provides to youth ages 11-24, their families and the communities. The first stop on this tour will be Phoenix Youth Shelter –a free, safe, emergency accommodation for youth ages 16-24. Here, youth can find access to daily essentials and a Key Worker who provides on-going guidance and support to help residents meet their identified goals. The second stop is the Learning and Employment Centre (PLEC) – which provides employment support to youth, ages 16-24, connecting employers and youth through work placements, employment programming and wage subsidies. The final stop will be to Phoenix Youth and Family Therapy – a program that offers confidential therapy for youth beginning at age 11 as well as their families on a range of difficulties and challenges.

TOUR #3 – Neighbourhoods and Displacement After the Halifax Explosion – SOLD OUT  

This tour will provide you the opportunity to visit three distinct areas across Halifax. The first stop is to the Hydrostone District, built following the Halifax Explosion of 1917 that destroyed significant parts of the city’s North End. One of the best-planned neighbourhoods in the country, and built at a time when the profession of planning was just beginning, the Hydrostone District is a designated  Parks Canada Heritage Site. The second stop is Mulgrave Park Caring and Learning Centre, a family resource centre providing resources to help develop healthy families and lifestyles and create unity among community members. Mulgrave Park was the first project in Canada to make use of the 1956 amendments to the National Housing Act, which made it an area where many displaced residents, including from Africville, were moved. The final stop will be in the Africville Park, which is located in an area that was home to hundreds of Afro-Canadians until the mid-1960s. Here, delegates will learn about the history of this area, as well as changes to the City of Halifax that followed.

TOUR #4 – Finding New Paths and Creating Stronger Communities in Spryfield – SOLD OUT

In the suburbs of Halifax, delegates will find a neighbourhood building stronger bonds with community programs, projects and residents. You will visit partners of Eastern Chebucto Hub Organization (ECHO), a partnership made up of social, health, legal, child, youth, adult, senior and family organizations. The first stop will be to the YWCA Halifax, providing programming that support housing in the community. Next, delegates will visit a Habitat for Humanity housing development, will be provided with a project overview, and will view completed duplexes as well as one duplex under construction. The final stop will be to Greystone Public Housing and Rockingstone Heights School – Early Years Centre, providing access to essential educational, health and social services for children.

Thursday (2:00pm-4:30pm)

TOUR #5 – Reintroducing Housing and Households into Downtown Halifax – SOLD OUT

This walking tour will take participants through historic and modern streetscapes in the commercial core of Halifax. It will show delegates how the city is working to bring individuals and families back to the downtown area through a variety of changes that mix both the old and the new to make the downtown area more enjoyable for all. Delegates will first visit Grand Parade – a historic military parade square dating from the founding of Halifax, followed by a walk showcasing the protected bike lanes around the base of Citadel Hill. Delegates will then have the opportunity to visit Halifax Central Library –  the newest addition to the Halifax family of libraries and whose architecture has made it the winner of a Governor General’s Medal in Architecture. The final stop will be to Sackville Landing close to the Halifax Harbourfront where recent revitalization has increased the use for pedestrians and bikers and has allowed for increased access to waterfront shops, restaurants and views. Throughout this tour, delegates will also see many other interesting features downtown and will meet with various architects and urban designers/planners at each stop who will provide an overview of project plans and outcomes.

*Please note that the tour will be approximately 2.5 km in length – some of the walking is uphill and delegates will be standing outdoors at most stops. Please wear appropriate shoes and clothing for this tour.

TOUR #6 – Housing Solutions for Women and Families– SOLD OUT 

Adsum’s mission is to lead change in housing through advocacy, supports and services to end homelessness. They operate out of four locations in Halifax including two that are part of this walking tour.  The first stop will be to Adsum House—an emergency shelter that is open to women, children, youth and transgender persons. Two full time social workers, a household coordinator, programmer and Intensive Case Manager offer a range of services and supports. The tour will see the Household Room, a virtual warehouse, and DejaVu, a free clothing boutique open to shelter residents and women and children in Halifax. Delegates will then move on to The Alders—10 apartments (8 for single women and trans, and 2 family units) where housing is permanent, and rents are affordable.  A part time social worker is available to tenants and runs a daily drop in where women experiencing homelessness can take a shower, do laundry, grab a bite and make phone calls. Adsum’s housing support worker is based out of The Alders. During the tour, you will learn about other models of housing that Adsum provides including condos rented to single mother-led families, transitional housing where programming is offered, and a housing development where tenancy ranges from one month to 23 years.

*Please note that the tour will be approximately 3 km in length – some of the walking is uphill. Please wear appropriate shoes and clothing for this tour.

TOUR #7 – Newcomers, New Projects, Connected Communities – SOLD OUT

Delve into the dynamics of neighbourhood hubs as this tour explores one of Halifax’s most rapidly growing and diverse areas—Fairview and Clayton Park. This tour will explore how community hubs meet the needs of local residents in different ways, and how they can also connect diverse populations. At the first stop, delegates will be introduced to the work of the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS) — a leading community organization that welcomes immigrants to Nova Scotia and is the largest immigrant-serving agency in Atlantic Canada. Over the last two years, ISANS has helped settle 3,000 newcomers and refugees.  The delegates will then visit Fairview Family Resource Centre, a local hub for a variety of recreation, social and health services and programs. The final stop will be to the Canada Games Centre, built as the legacy of the 2011 Winter Canada Games, and is currently a vibrant multi-sport community centre that attracts local and regional users.

Friday (9:45am-1:45pm TBC)

TOUR #8 – Change and Resiliency in Dartmouth’s Neighbourhoods – SOLD OUT   

Some of the Halifax Region’s oldest and diverse neighbourhoods are located in Dartmouth, also known as “the City of Lakes”.  From gorgeous heritage homes to affordable rental housing, small option homes and new developments, the face of Dartmouth is changing.  This tour will explore the role of public policy, investment and collective action to support the renewal of Dartmouth’s downtown core and its neighbourhoods.  Taking the ferry across the Halifax Harbour (the oldest ferry service in the country), we will first visit Dartmouth Non-Profit Housing Society, which has provided affordable housing options since 1981. The next stop will be Shannon Park, a former military housing community undergoing a comprehensive planning and redevelopment process by the Canada Lands Company.  The final stop will be to Dartmouth North Community Food Centre which opened its doors in 2015 and provides a range of community programs, including community meals, an affordable produce market, and community kitchens and gardens. Before heading back on the ferry, participants will have the option of staying for lunch*** at one of Dartmouth’s many new restaurants close to the waterfront. 

*Please note that this tour is approximately 3h15min in length and will involve water crossing on a ferry to Dartmouth. Although generally a smooth 15min ride, please note there may be occasion to experience seasickness. Alternative travel arrangements will not be made by CHRA/tour leads. ** Ferry and transportation is included. *** Lunch is at the cost of participants.