Lunch n' Learn: Personals Brands

Personal Brands: Creating and Managing Your Online Identity                

(May 3rd - 12:30pm-1:30pm)

For early careerprofessionals, the landscape of job seeking and professional development has changed dramatically. Current employers not only have full access to their employee’s online profiles, but so do a range of potential future employers.

This session will discuss how to manage one’s online presence in a way that balances personal and professional development – and how to use your online presence as a tool to leverage your personal ‘brand’, and enhance your profile in a way that goes beyond what a traditional CV can do. 

Join Revolve CEO Phil Otto, considered one of Canada’s strongest brand strategists. Phil writes and speaks to business groups internationally about the importance of aligning business strategy with brand strategy. Working with small businesses and not-for-profits to multi-national corporations and government agencies – Phil helps connect brand to culture, values, employee behaviour and customer experience. He is a passionate supporter of entrepreneurism, local business and the community. At the CHRA Congress Phil will discuss personal branding and give insights on how to harness the power of social media to build your personal brand.

* All are welcome. 

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