Our CHRA webinar series deals with the full range of housing issues in Canada. These informative sessions showcase housing experts, leaders and decision-makers as they profile leading research and projects, promising practices and connect both CHRA members and non-members with discussions on the most relevant housing and homelessness issues and solutions.

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CHRA Summer 2016 Member Update
June 22, 2016

Update from CHRA’s Executive Director Jeff Morrison on CHRA’s 2016-19 Strategic Plan that lays the foundation for the associations programs, research, partnerships and national advocacy.
Also discussed:

  • Status of “National Housing Strategy” consultation process, and timelines;
  • Policy positions that CHRA will be advocating for as part of that process;
  • Research projects and other CHRA initiatives;
  • Teasers on upcoming Fall 2016 Webinar Series and Congress 2017 in Halifax!

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Affordable Homeownership Partnerships with Habitat for Humanity Canada

October 21st, 2015

Famous for their ‘sweat equity’ approach to homebuilding and interest-free mortgage payments, Habitat for Humanity Canada discuss partnership opportunities between non-profit housing providers pre- and post-expiry of social housing operating agreements to transition families into affordable homeownership.

We hear from regional Habitat affiliates from across Canada, including Habitat for Humanity Edmonton, who speaks to their partnership with Métis Capital Housing Corporation to transition five former rental properties post- expiry or federal operating subsidies into homeownership dwellings for Métis families under Habitat’s unique Aboriginal Housing Program. We also discuss the land transfer and rehabilitation strategies use to turn a former military housing base into affordable homes for thirty-three low-income families with Habitat for Humanity Northumberland

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Terry Petkau, National Director, Safety and Building Programs, Habitat for Humanity (Canada)
Alfred Nikolai, President & CEO, Habitat for Humanity Edmonton (AB)
Meaghan Macdonald, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity Northumberland (ON)

Thank you to Habitat for Humanity Canada for their generous sponsorship!

A Path To Home: Supporting Housing Needs for Newcomers
November 12th, 2015

A Path to Home: Supporting Housing Needs for Newcomers (APTH) is a national program that employs best-practice principles to the resettlement support process of newcomers to Canada. The program is unique in that it views resettlement through a housing lens, prioritizing affordable and appropriate housing as a fundamental building block of the settlement process.
The program supports recent immigrants and resettled refugees who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Those who face multiple barriers to integration such as due to low literacy or education skills, minimal urban living experience, health issues, isolation, and single parent or large families are considered a priority, among others. The project is further focused on three core objectives central to a housing continuum of care, being housing access, stabilization and eviction prevention.
Our dynamic team of speakers told us more about A Path To Home – including plans to expand the program – along with best-practices, outcomes and models for success .
APTH is an ongoing national pilot project currently funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and delivered by partner organizations the Multicultural Association of Fredericton, the YMCA of Northern Alberta in Edmonton, and COSTI Immigrant Services in Toronto.
Adela Colhon, General Manager, A Path to Home, National Coordination, YMCA of Greater Toronto (Canada)
Yasmine Dossal, Director, A Path to Home, COSTI Immigrant Services in Toronto (ON)
Martine Bazira, Housing Support Worker, A Path to Home, YMCA of Northern Alberta in Edmonton (AB)
Ljiljana Kalaba, Project Coordinator, A Path to Home, Multicultural Association of Fredericton Inc. (NB)

Social Impact Models Breaking Down Barriers for Homeless Populations
December 8, 2015

This webinar featured the work of CleanStart, a non-profit social enterprise providing eco-friendly junk removal and job programs for residents with barriers to employment in the Downtown East Side of Vancouver. We heard from Exeko, a progressive Montréal based social innovation agency using creativity, art and philosophy to promote social inclusion through cultural and intellectual mediations addressing homelessness and Aboriginal youth among others. 

Attendees discovered how CleanStart, a once small start-up, is moving to the next phase of expansion through the creation of comprehensive job training programs, social media outreach and flexible employee supports to marginalized individuals facing barriers to employment. We heard about the significant impacts they have made working with affordable housing and homelessness communities across Vancouver through their social return on investment model.

We learned about Exeko’s idAction Mobile program, a philosophical and cultural caravan that tours the streets of Montréal to engage citizens, in particular those experiencing homelessness. On board are books, newspapers, eyeglasses, art supplies, documentary films and writing kits, all offering the means of civic participation through access to information on current events, while providing a safe space for knowledge exchange, discussion, artistic play and self-discovery.  


Laura Barreca, Operations Manager, CleanStart, Vancouver (BC)
Nadia Duguay, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Exeko, Montréal (QC)

Social Return on Investment (SROI): Making the Case for Housing
January 28, 2016

In a world where value is most easily understood in financial terms, this webinar focused on the how and the why of measuring the impact of Social Return on Investment (SROI), and the implications for affordable, non-profit and supportive housing providers.

There has been increasing demand for impact measurement as organizations seek to expand their priorities beyond strictly financial objectives. Joined by SiMPACT Strategy Group, founding partner of The SROI Canada Network, watch this webinar to learn more about SROI tools and methodology, and the value of SROI to key stakeholders including:

  • the organization seeking to measure its social impacts;
  • the organization’s funders, clients and the public;
  • the organization’s beneficiaries and staff;
  • as well as for the affordable housing sector at large.

Learnings from this webinar will help to inform future planning, day-to-day management and project evaluation of your organization.

You will also hear from WoodGreen Community Services, who will discuss how they are using SROI to communicate the value of their Homeward Bound program which helps precariously-housed and homeless single mothers transition to economic self-sufficiency. WoodGreen will highlight the benefits of SROI as a tool for housing service providers.

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Stephanie Robertson
, CEO & Founder, SiMPACT Strategy Group, Calgary (AB)
Sydney Blum, Director of Community Impact & Strategic Relations, WoodGreen Community Services, Toronto (ON)

How to Ready Your Organization for the Trudeau Investment in Infrastructure
February 17th, 2016

Infrastructure investment encompasses a significant political pledge moving forward by the Liberal government – meaning sector capacity and economic impact opportunities are ripe for the non-profit housing sector at-large.

This webinar explores what the Trudeau investment in infrastructure could mean for your organization, with a focus on implications for housing providers serving Aboriginal populations.

Hear from M’akola Group of Societies and Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services who will discuss:

  • The current political climate – Federal re-engagement and the Liberal platform;
  • How new development can be achieved in the current economic and political climate;
  • Business transformation, sector capacity, growth, partnership opportunities and more…

Join this important conversation on the short-term strategies and long-term implications new Federal investment will have on the non-profit housing sector across Canada.

Remarks: Robert Byers
, CHRA Director, Aboriginal Communities, & Chief Executive Officer, Namerind Housing Corporation (SK)
Kevin Albers, Chief Executive Officer, M’akola Group of Societies (BC)
Don McBain, Executive Director, Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services (ON)

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